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Marketing experts agree that in this age of social media overwhelm, the most successful brands master one platform. 

It's exactly what I did & it jumpstarted my business.

In two years my art account has gained a loyal organic following of over 65k people from all over the world, and it continues to grow every day.  

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I will help you master instagram by teaching you absolutely everything I know.

Together we will develop a marketing strategy that works with your unique brand and can withstand any updates in the algorithm.

I believe that Instagram mastery is possible for absolutely anyone who knows how to use their time wisely and where to focus their attention. 





 Did you know?


...Its image and video-centered feed lets you "show, not tell"  your brand to your audience

...It has over a billion active users, 60% of whom discover new products and services through Instagram


...It allows you to publicize your brand page without any personal associations; ​unique users can see your posts even if they don't know you and it doesn't require a personal page.


...It's easy to master. Consistent, intentional input directly translates to being discovered by unique users from all over the world


...Its sophisticated #hashtag integration can be used before paid advertisements to reach your target audience

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